Packaging Innovation Awards 2019

Last week I had the honour to receive a silver award for the project Kalyspongea at the Packaging Innovation Awards 2019,
organised by Boussias Communications. The ceremony was held in GazARte in Athens.
Furthermore,  a great article about my work was published on Plant newsletter. Thank you all so much for the great honour! 🙂

Packaging Innovation Awards 2019
Kalyspongea Natural Sponge / Silver Award
Category: Health and Personal Care
Concept & Design: Sophia Georgopoulou
Brand name & Creative Copywriting: Nikos Vlachogiannis
Photography: George Pavlakos
Printing: La Petite Jumelle
Text Editor: Konstantinos Kontinos

The Awards were organised by the greek magazines MarketingWeek, Plant & Σελφ Σερβις of Boussias Communications

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