Brand Identity Discovery Coaching Sessions NOW AVAILABLE!

It takes two to branding!

My sister Eleni (coachbox.gr) and I are joining forces to offer holistic branding services, including transformation Brand Identity Discovery coaching services. 

Brand Identity Discovery
1-1 coaching sessions for winning brands
(via E-mail, Zoom & Skype)

What is Brand Identity Discovery Coaching?
BID is a well-defined and proven process that helps you identify what your brand really stands for – and what it could evolve into with the best financial management for your business. How you currently stand in the Market, what are your best qualities and were you lag behind – and where does opportunity or danger come from. Who are your customers and what motivates them. Most importantly, what is your true potential and how you can materialize it in a world full of infinite, confusing choices.

How you Benefit from Brand Identity Discovery Coaching?
Demarcates the environment – constrictions & potential
Sets your Communication Strategy
Defines your Public Character
Defines your criteria of selecting associates
Helps your Loyalty & Cohesion
Your Message becomes Visual and Visual becomes feeling
Sets your guidelines – Visuals – Message in Cohesion

Your Brand Identity Coach: Eleni Georgopoulou (https://coachbox.gr)

Eleni Georgopoulou is a seasoned Communications and Brand Manager and a certified Life and Business Coach (EMCC-accredited). In a career that spans 15+ years, she has worked in Music, Radio & Entertainment industry, Media, Advertising and Cultural Events delivering Brand Campaigns and Sponsorships. She is lucky to have worked alongside people who have deeply inspired her. Eleni is here to help transform Brands into something more meaningful and fulfilling and motivate people’s lives.

> If you have a project that you believe is worth exploring,
ask a question or simply say hello, do get in touch at hello@sophiag.com

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