Dozens of reasons to enjoy great food

Casus Deli is a “healthy” premium deli in Athens, committed to move towards healthier and more sustainable options but, crucially enough, without any compromises on the pleasure front.

Health-conscious but also pleasure-driven urban dwellers, with high demands and a little time to waste.

We started with the name itself as a source of inspiration.
Casus Deli is a wordplay on the known expression of ‘casus beli’. As the name suggests, there are many reasons and opportunities to celebrate great food and coffee in town. It’s not about luxury, not about complex recipes, not about pompous settings and presentations and certainly not about show-off. It’s all about everyday, healthy pleasures without any hassle. This inviting and vibrant philosophy had to be expressed at the level of visual identity. And for that we needed something simple, direct and super-friendly.

The initial letters of the two words that make the brand name, C and D give rise to the key visual of our identity. The capital initials with their coming together create the shape of a leaf or a plant that grows upwards – a clear allusion to the natural and healthy nature of the offerings. Adding to that, ray-like elements on the left half of the composition are reminiscent of a shining sun, intensifying the nature connection but also adding a welcome element of joy and uplift. Fresh, cool, welcoming and positively mood-shaping, the identity of Casus Deli is a cause of celebration in its own right.

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Brand name & tagline: Nikos Vlachogiannis
Text editor: Konstantinos Kontinos