Color your life!

ChromatistesMeres (Colorful Days) is a company active in the field of experiential education, with programs for children as well as training seminars for adults.
The programs, divided in thematic circles are designed by specialist educators –animators, and cover a variety of educational and entertainment-relatedsubjects.
The target is the high quality of the end result. Every program is experiential as well as educational.
Built around theatrical games, it accomplishes its target through games, constructions and a lot of imagination, providing to children the opportunity to play, to express themselves and to create.

The logo is inspired by the company’s name itself, and primarily by the circles ofprograms it offers. Its design aims at expressing joy, freshness, positivethinking, playfull mood and action, through a ‘mosaic’ of colors andexperiences. The logic of the logo is that it is in position to get composedand decomposed, resulting into the creation of fantastic, multicolored picturesthat characterise the entirety of the corporate identity.

Logo, visual identity, illustration