When you have an eye for detail

Optical stores in Greece are present in practically every corner – and competition is exceptionally fierce. It is very hard to differentiate against so many competitors, stores that more or less sell the same brands and typically engage in offers, but Cosmoptical wanted to achieve exactly that. Cosmoptical is an Optical store with physical presence in Drama, a city in the north of Greece and an e-shop that covers the whole country. It is owned by a vibrant woman with an eye for fashion and a passion for obscure, non-obvious eyewear brands and designs. So, when we were approached by the owner for a complete rebranding, we knew exactly what we should be after.

Fashion-conscious buyers on and off-line, with a desire for the differentiated and unique.

Starting from the name itself, we were inspired to create a logo that employed planetary and cosmological references. All this had to be wrapped in a pop aesthetic, in line with the philosophy of the owner and the brand.

For the logo, we employed the well-known image of the planet Saturn with its rings encased in an eye-like outline that is reminiscent of orbital paths. The references are complete with two dots up and down that look like natural satellites Рmoons. From this starting point, we developed a series of identity applications and key visuals, all based on the same visual logic and employing a pastel color palette that constitutes a reference to the pop philosophy of the owner herself. Eye-catching (could not help the pun), memorable, fresh and friendly, the new identity pushes the store into a new era.

Logo, visual and verbal identity


Concept & Design: Sophia Georgopoulou
Verbal Identity: Konstantinos Koletsis