Hey Kitty Cat!


To design the visual identity of Kay the Cat, a greek luxury brand of hand made christening gowns and baptism dresses for girls by Angelina Stamou.
Kay the Cat came to being, combining the creator’s love for cats and the initial of her daughter’s name Kynthia. The brand is characterised by an idiosyncratic design aesthetic that is based on pure romance and 100% organic materials. It blends with gusto vintage references, soft colour palettes and classic touches. The end-result is simple, elegant and distinctive in its own unique way. These were the basic principles of the brand that had to be conveyed in the identity that we developed. 


The initial inspiration for the brand’s identity came from the characteristic face of a kitten – after all, Kay is a cat, and this had to be expressed! Thus, the kitten face is the what the eye initially perceives as a unified whole, but there are layers to that. What would be the cat’s snout has the shape of a heart, while the cat’s whiskers can also be seen as rays of light emanating from the heart in the center, suggesting pure joy. On the top of these, the result can also be ‘read’ as a ribbon bow. This is a reference to the idea that the brand’s creations should be seen as a gift to little girls on their special day but are also a great idea for presents. The color palette is golden and dusty pink  that suggests upscale quality, a ‘regal’ treatment of children and a girly approach. The final touch is the script typeface of the brand name that stresses small-scale production, handcrafting and the personal involvement of the creator.

Client: Angelina Stamou

Copy: Konstantinos Kontinos