Pure Greek White Marble from Mount Vermion

It is true that marble occurs naturally in quite a few places all over the World, but only a small fraction of them are blessed with marble of the highest standards. In mount Vermio, near the city of Veria in the northern Greek province of Macedonia, the forces of the Earth over countless millennia have given rise to a rare and unique quality of white marble deposits, already well-known to the Ancient Greeks and used to grace Palaces and Temples to their full glory. The same deposits are still active today – and the very best of them are exclusively exploited by LEFKON, a trusted name in fine Greek marble. On the top of their unquestionable aesthetic appeal and beauty, LEFKON premium marbles are endowed with world-class material qualities, such as very low porosity, high strength and durability while coming in a range of sizes that cover all Architectural requirements for interior and exterior use. Timeless, unique, beautiful and strong, LEFKON marbles set the standard in fine Greek marbles.

The logo’s aesthetics (use of geometry, austere and sharp lines) are inspired by the actual form of the marble. The symbol of the logo is based on the greek letter L (Λ = Lamda) and the color palette is insired by the greek origin and the greek nature (use of deep blue and sand grey colors).

Logo, visual identity



Concept and Design: Sophia Georgopoulou
Copy: Konstantinos Kontinos
Photography: VICE VERSA