The timeless creativity of Mankind
Nomad is a brand of exclusive, hand-made jewellery inspired by the art of primeval civilizations from all over the Globe.
Exploring materials, shapes and colors, Nomad jewelry embodies the timeless creativity of Mankind, as experienced and expressed by a creator (Αnnamaria Charalambidou) with an especially rich exposure to World Art.
The brand’s visual identity is a natural expression of the spirit of the jewellery and their creator: a human-like shape, alluding to the timeless nomad/wanderer who walks the Earth and soaks up in images and experiences, and an eye centered at the ‘O’ – a wink to the creator’s unique artistic viewpoint
that breathes life to highly personal creations.
For packaging, sack pouches are being used to enhance the general concept of nomad’s wandering.
Logo, visual identity