UTOPIA – education & art is a non governmental organization (NGO) active in the field of art, non-formal experiential education, youth work and culture with lifelong learning programs and workshops for children as well as for young adults, based in Şahinbey Gaziantep, Turkey. UTOPİA was established by an active youth team and since 2008 has taken part in many international “youth in action” projects and local projects as partner or host organization. UTOPIA has many partner organizations from all around the world like Greece, Azerbajan, Italy, Spain, UK, Romania, Latvia, Belgium, Colombia, USA, Uzbekistan, Cyprus and more. UTOPIA believes that art is an effective educational tool for children and youth and it coordinates volunteer activities and courses for children and young people who have fewer opportunities and disabilities. The programs cover a variety of educational and entertainment-related subjects, such as creative drama and theatre, photography, video, creative handcraft workshops and music. Every program is experiential as well as educational. UTOPIA believes on the importance of non formal education and lifelong learning and focuses on the following topics: human rights, social exclusion, poverty, environmental problems, cultural degeneration, democracy, children rights, children violence, children labor, children in prisons and other local problems.

To create and design the visual world of UTOPIA!

The logo is inspired by the UTOPIA’s name itself, and primarily by the programs it offers. It is the “planet Utopia”! The total visual identity and its handcraft aesthetics aim at expressing emotions such as positive thinking, joy, playful mood and action, through a variety of colorful and “mix & match” illustrations that are inspired by the subjects and the holistic experiences that UTOPIA offers.

Logo, visual identity, illustration


Design and Illustration: Sophia Georgopoulou
Photography: George Pavlakos