Welcoming the new year with perfect vision

Before the advent of the New Year, agencies and professionals alike engage in the habit of sending some type of corporate gifts to their clientele – existing and potential. It is by now a tradition that you cannot escape – and why should you, since you are given the chance to do some great things for your brand?

The entirety of my precious clientele,  people I would like to have as clients, fellow designers I admire, people I work with and people I really love and appreciate for reasons that may be professional or otherwise.

The idea starts with the year itself. 2020 is a unique number from quite a few perspectives. Among other things, it is the number that symbolises perfect vision – a most welcome ability when it comes to dealing with the future. A 20/20 vision enables us to see details, tell the important from the less important stuff and, ultimately, focus on what truly matters.

I drew inspiration from the prevailing mood and major events that characterize each of the 12 months of the calendar. On the basis of these, I created inspirational quotes for each month, accompanied by a unique visual each time – a visual that incorporated some type of allusion to the figure of the eye (and thus the 2020 vision that was the common theme that cut across the initiative). Each visual – inspired by each month –  represents one goal (New Year’s Resolution). The visuals and the quotes were subsequently incorporated into a series of glass coasters (sous-verres) – objects of high utilitarian value that can easily enter the daily lives of everyone. By inspiring people to focus on what truly matters every day and having “new eyes”, be positive into what lies ahead, I hope I make some difference for the better! Enjoy!

Special Thanks to:
Text Editor: Konstantinos Kontinos
Photography: George Pavlakos
Printing: La Petite Jumelle