Brighten you life!

In many fields of interest, there is a resurging interest in tradition. Admittedly, there are many ways to approach tradition, ranging from blind copying to selective interpretation. In most of the cases, creating something aesthetically rewarding and in position to stand out by having a character of its own can be truly challenging. But not for Poppies in July.
Poppies in July is a company focused exclusively on home furnishings, and especially pillows. Handmade in Greece, their creations are full of character, as they bring together tradition, craftsmanship and a contemporary, eclectic design philosophy. They employ a series of talented women – artists and designers – gifted with an individual perspective that breathes life into exclusive creations. No two items are alike, as each one of them brings along a personal story.

Upscale, contemporary, global people, with a significant exposure to artistic tropes and an eye for the eclectic.

What we were after, was something in position to express this unique type of bridging of tradition and contemporariness. Also, ideally, something that would allude to the core nature of this business, which of course was related to creation through weaving.

The logo in essence is inspired by the brand’s initials – J and P. The initials in the logo are designed and set in such a way so as to remind of wavy fabrics, alluding to the art of weaving and the allure of the hand-made. Juxtaposed in absolute symmetry, the end result is simple and compellingly balanced, like the wisdom of tradition and the contemporary inspiration that come together in equal measures.

Photography: Christianna Stefanaki
Text Editor: Konstantinos Kontinos