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Panagiotis Rentifis grew up in a family of pharmacists, feeling the draw of the lab from an early age. Later on, a pharmacist himself, his knowledge in cosmetology combined with his personal passion led him to the R&D of cosmetics and phytotherapy products. As his clientele wholeheartedly embraced these creations, it was time for the next step – the development of a dedicated brand and full-scale commercialization. This is how FILIA (Greek for friendship and affective love) came to existence. The name is a reference to the honest relationship developed between the pharmacist and the people who put their trust in them for skin treatment and health.  It is also a reference to the friendliness of all his products to the skin, as they are based exclusively on natural ingredients. The fact that they also offer great value for money, further attests to the accessible, everyday dimension. Our job was to redesign the brand and take it to another level!

Men and women who want to have access to high-quality, effective and natural skin care products without paying a premium for the brand component (without necessarily guaranteeing the efficacy of the stuff in the bottle).

In the case of this brand, it was understood early on that we needed something that reflects the philosophy of the name itself and also suggests the qualities linked to friendliness at a visual level. This logic should definitely also include something that relates to the naturalness dimension that is a key part of the brand preposition.

The brand identity, true to the expressed needs of the brand, combines the obvious shape of a flower with the less obvious shape of a handshake (to connote the honest relationship of the pharmacist and his clients) – a shape perceptible only at a second level. The flower at its stem extends naturally to include the letter ‘f’ – the brand initial. At the level of variant differentiation, one of the flower petals (the right one) is always reserved to color-code the variant in question.

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Text Editor: Konstantinos Kontinos