Fresh and Turkish-delighted!

ASRI FOODS is a young and aspiring Istanbul-based company focused on food products. 

The company is up against countless established giants and small-timers in its field and is poised to do things differently.  One of the key things that they do is to redefine the traditional Turkish delight, propelling it into contemporary relevance while honoring its rich legacy. With an array of novel, unexpected flavors like Pineapple, Green Apple, Strawberry, and Tangerine, the aim was to refashion a treat often relegated to older generations into a vibrant, relevant choice for today’s consumer. The project was a strategic maneuver in positioning; a bridge between heritage and progressive indulgence, crafted to resonate with the discerning tastes of a global marketplace seeking authenticity meshed with modern flair.

Designed for a dynamic, youthful market, our Turkish delights now embody a zest for innovation, serving those who savor authenticity and embrace health-conscious choices without compromising on flavor or fun. This group values tradition but demands it be served with a twist that speaks their language—bold, original, and spirited.


The spark of our creative fire was the unforced spirit of doodling. This carefree yet deliberate art form became the soul of our branding language, symbolizing the fusion of tradition with spontaneous modernity. It’s a celebration of the individualistic charm that each flavor promises, a nod to the product’s handmade roots, and a salute to the unscripted and surprising joy each bite is meant to deliver.

The packaging comes alive with a custom, handmade font that resembles of doodle-inspired letterforms—each letter with a personality of its own and no two letters looking the same, much like the consumers we aim to delight. The vibrant colors and playful designs leap off the pack, mirroring the energy and excitement of uncovering a new favorite, a favorite that has its own place reserved into the everyday lives of contemporary consumers. The design isn’t just visually striking; it narrates a story of a brand that’s as lively and creative as the people it seeks to attract, offering a gourmet experience that’s both familiar and thrillingly unexpected.

3d visuals: Kristitana Gegaj
Text editor: Konstantinos Kontinos