Kiss of Joy!

Bizoo is a new semi-sparkling wine from Tyrnavos, Greece. In its first careful steps in this highly competitive market, the ambitious brand faces the dual challenge of differentiating itself from conventional offerings and capturing the attention of a sophisticated yet playful audience. While the market is flooded with conventional and often indistinguishable options, Bizoo aims to stand out by offering a unique combination of luxury and accessibility, supported heavily with experiential elements centered on everyday sophistication and Joie de vivre. 

Bizoo is primarily conceived for women and those who prefer lighter alcoholic drinks. These are mostly younger consumers looking for an alternative to heavier alcoholic beverages, providing a festive, lighter option that does not compromise on sophistication. They value quality, sociability, and beverages that enhance rather than dominate the dining and social experience.

The brand name ‘Bizoo,’ blending ‘bijou’ (jewelry) and ‘bise’ (kiss in French), reflects the product’s dual promise of luxury and intimacy, symbolizing a celebration of life’s sparkling moments. It positions that Bizoo is not just a beverage but an enhancer of personal and shared experiences, offering “A Kiss of Joy” that transforms everyday occasions into memorable celebrations. 

Bizoo’s design language is crafted to be visually captivating and unique, employing a soft pastel palette contrasted by vivid accents to ensure standout shelf and table-top presence. The heart-shaped kiss motif (based on the initial letter B) central to its branding conveys the brand’s ethos of passion, playfulness, excitement and happiness. The end-result is not only visually attractive and distinctive (which was a core need) but also very much own-able. This approach is specifically designed to resonate with the target demographic, their lifestyle their priorities and their points of references. Our approach makes Bizoo not just a choice but also a type of statement – ensuring consumers are drawn to a bottle that promises an experience of joy and a taste of the good life with every glass and every sip.

Copy: Konstantinos Kontinos
Photographer: George Pavlakos