Crowning Moments

Sokos Wines PDO Mantinia Moschofilero


The heart and soul of this wine centers around the dual identity of the PDO zone Mantinia in Greece and the Moschofilero variety and their coming together. 


The two initial letters of Mantinia and Moschofilero happen to be the same – an ‘M” in both cases. These two “M”s are brought together seamlessly to symbolise this precious union and create a distinctive composition that subtly references a crown or, alternatively the peaks of two intertwined mountains. The end-result is highly idiosyncratic and very ownable, conveying a sense of superior quality without excessive ornamentation. This motif reflects the wine’s premium nature and exceptional sensory characteristics, aligning with the target audience’s preference for understated elegance and modern sophistication. The color palette, featuring exclusively black and gold, enhances the visual appeal and further reinforces the premium quality of the wine. This is how this characterful proposition is elevated to the heights were it belongs.