Enjoying the ride all along!

As global tourism traffic and revenue grows, tourism services are expanding and getting diversified, including a range of new, alternative activities that target more specialized groups of tourists and visitors. In this new, evolving scenery biking and related services have a special place. And companies such as BikeWise ride happily on this wave.
BikeWise is a new company that is based in the city of Ioannina (in North-west Greece) offering bicycle tourism services to people visiting Greece. With an expansive mindset and starting from scratch, they wanted to develop a logo and identity to express their values and philosophy.

Primarily international but also local tourists and visitors who enjoy biking

The company represents a new lifestyle and philosophy that place emphasis on healthy living, fitness and a low carbon footprint. On the top of that, there is also the enjoyment of life’s little pleasures through the more direct contact with nature and human activity that biking can offer vs. other means of moving around. In this sense, biking is a smart choice as one enjoys too many benefits at once. People that choose to cycle in their holidays are governed by a different life philosophy – and this philosophy had to be depicted in the new identity of the brand.

In the new logo, biking is obviously present in the shape of bicycle wheels that are immediately recognizable as such. In turn, the wheels of the bicycle depicted were designed in a way that resembles the eyes of an owl – a symbol of wisdom in Ancient Greece – in order to highlight the smart choice that biking presents as a means of transportation. For the choice of the logo’s main color the vivid yellow backdrop color was chosen that represents the joy of cycling along with the pleasurable tension of physical exercise.

Logo, visual identity


Naming and Copy: Nikos Vlachogiannis
Design: Sophia Georgopoulou