Love + Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza is an up-and-coming pizza restaurant chain based in Doha, Qatar. As the name suggests, the restaurant serves New York-style pizza originating from Brooklyn. The pizza follows the NY philosophy and so it is created thin and crispy – while the dough used is handmade every day in the store using exclusively fresh ingredients. The end -result is an upscale pizza experience, offered at great value and accessible every day.

A strong staring base needs an equally strong identity to elevate it, especially in such a crowded market where countless pizza restaurants options are fighting for a slice of a given market. 

To express the The New York origin and staying true to an authentic recipe and the passion for a great, proper pizza experience. The owners of Brooklyn Pizza are mad about pizza, and they are eager to share this passion with the rest of the world. This unique combination of sticking to the authentic and putting tons of love had to come out clearly. 

A “vintage-like” script logo was crafted to communicate the idea of the handcrafted, the artisanal and the creatively spontaneous.

In order to support the brand in its role, we created an extensive family of visual elements and illustrations that communicate passion, love, pleasure and pure joy. Also we used verbal love expressions that do the same.
Without any single overpowering element, we breathed life into a visual universe that shouts the brand’s heart and soul across touch points. 

Regarding the brand colour palette, we used an unexpected colour combination of light lilac and dark teal, colors that can be ownable by the brand and at the same time evoke a vintage feeling. 

Copy: Konstantinos Kontinos