Where flavours bloom!

Edesma GmbH is a Germany-based company that imports selected Greek food items directly from the source (mainly from the island of Crete) and distributes them through different channels in Germany. Their core product is Cretan olive oil, but beyond that in their assortment they also include spices, juices (pomegranate juice, aloe vera juice), cosmetics, olives, patés, etc.

All German appreciators of Greek food, including the local Greek community. The average German has been exposed for years to Greek food either as a tourist or at home through restaurants and brands such as Edesma. This is not seen as something new and exotic but rather something that they are experienced with – and demands.

From the start, we made clear that we want to avoid the trap of archetypical Greek references that have been overused and abused by so many food brands (and not only). However, a certain sense of Greekness had to be communicated and come across. This is how it was decided to place extra emphasis on the element of naturalness that great Greek products can bring to the table. A naturalness that has simplicity at its core.

In a market saturated with predictable Greek motifs, we approached Greekness sideways. The central design element that we created is reminiscent of a growing plant and provided the starting point. You could say that this is a budding flower that is surrounded – and nurtured – by sunrays, captured in a delicate dance. Apart from suggesting a clear link with the majestic and prolific Greek nature, the end-result is certainly uplifting and full of optimism and joy. The combination also suggests care in the making and a large degree of personal involvement. Edesma’s new design approach is a living testament to the brand’s commitment to authenticity, purity, and selected quality. It’s a bridge that connects modern-day Germany and German palates with the age-old, yet refreshingly vibrant core of Greek food delights.