Tropi-cool Twists!

Carribean Riddimz brand, conceived by a 2nd generation Jamaican woman in London and brings a fresh twist to the drink industry with two unique offerings: a zesty fruit punch that’s non-alcoholic and a rum-infused fruit drink that embodies the island’s spirited lifestyle. The essence of Jamaica—its jubilant energy, perpetual summer, rhythmic pulse, and the good life, is infused in every aspect of Carribean Riddimz. The challenge was to encapsulate the vibes of the Jamaican culture and its laid-back yet joyous spirit into a design that stands out and speaks directly to the hearts of those yearning for a taste of the island’s soul.

Target Group
Free-spirited people looking for an escape from the mundane. Those who choose to live life with a chill demeanor, savoring moments of joy and relaxation. Experience explorers eager to turn up the fun and dive into the vibrant flavors of life.

Creative Concept
The creative inspiration was drawn directly from the heart of Jamaica. Just envision the lushness of palm trees swaying in the wind, the serene blues of the sea, the warmth of sun-kissed beaches, the succulence of exotic fruits, and the vibrant hues that drape the island. Add to this the rhythm of reggae music and the effortless Jamaican dance moves, and you have a tapestry of inspiration for a brand that ‘Jamaicifies’ everything it comes in contact with.

Design Approach
Our design approach for Carribean Riddimz was to create a visual identity that shouts ‘Jamaica’ from the shelf. It’s a blend of vibrant colors that reflect the brand’s dynamic character, combined with elements that speak of tropical abundance and rhythmic musicality. The use of bold and lively typography echoes the brand’s slogan, “TASTE THE FLAVA TURN UP THE FUN!”, which invites consumers to indulge in the richness of Caribbean flavors and the essence of fun. Thus, we made sure that every touchpoint is an ode to the island’s spirit—a design that’s as flavorful and spirited as the drinks themselves. It’s not just about creating a brand identity; it’s about breathing life to an experience that transports you with just a sip to the eternal Jamaican summer.


Copywriter: Konstantinos Kontinos
Photographer: Alessandro Pietrosanti