Yachting Beyond


The face of yachting in Greece has changed dramatically during the last few years and the bar has been moved considerably upwards. Any newcomer must consider the big shifts that characterize this market, and offer something upgraded and differentiated enough. Cyanos comprises a proud team of maritime professionals with a heavy experience coming together with one bold aim: to provide the ultimate lifestyle charter experience in Greece.


High Value Individuals from all over the globe who are after the ultimate yachting experience in the Greek seas. These people have seen everything that there is to see. As a result of this they have developed exceptionally high standards and expectations.


At this level of exquisite service, simplicity plays an upgraded role. People with so advanced needs demand focus on the substance of things rather than layers over layers of unnecessary fluff and noise. This philosophy of advanced simplicity was something that we needed to be part of the brand’s visual identity. Another need was the depiction of the inexorable link to the sea, which of course is part of the playfield of the brand but also part of its very name (incidentally, developed by our Agency as well).


Our identity proposition comprises a brandmark rendered in a clean, straightforward typeface – almost Doric in its clarity and austerity, and very, very Greek in its core. The curvaceous element added on the initial ‘C’ of the brand name creates the impression of a powerful rolling wave. This creation comes to add movement, flux and life to the equation, creating a balanced whole that works exactly as it should for the viewer. The final touch was the color palette that was used, based naturally on the turquoise-blue tones that are the defining element of the beloved Greek seas. Cyanos was now ready to rule the waves.

Brand name & corporate tagline: Konstantinos Kontinos