A branding operation of high precision

Dr. Margarita Moustaki MD MSc PhD is a plastic surgeon practicing in Athens, Greece. Her impressive background includes medical studies at the University of Athens, a Masters of Science in Biostatistics at the Athens University of Economics & Business, and a PhD in surgery at the University of Athens. She specialized in plastic surgery in London and Liverpool, UK. When we were contacted for the creation of a new identity for her practice, it was made clear that we had to encapsulate her unique background and skillset but also her love for her profession that combines science with a touch of artistic flair.

Patients and users of upscale plastic surgery services.

Plastic surgery is a very personal thing. What each person wishes often goes beyond the purely medical directives of what is ‘needed’. Likewise, the work driven to any individual case from the part of the surgeon is extremely personal. In a sense, surgeons put their signature on any result. This understanding was our starting point.

The logo was thus inspired by the doctor’s own initials – MM. The initials are set in such a way so as to create the shape of a heart, suggesting the ample love that is driven into her works. For those in the know, it is also an indirect nod to Transposition Flap, a demanding operating technique in which the doctor specializes. A combination of the color blue and gold was chosen for the color palette – suggesting trust and a top-notch level of service.

Logo Design, Corporate Identity