Tea, as cool as it gets!

It all started with two close friends. One of them, Stacy, was a devoted tea lover, and the other, Pamela was the founder of a vegan ice cream manufacturing company, Nutty Bunny…And a great idea emerged: why not bring together the best of the worlds of tea and iced desserts? How about creating a light and refreshing tea-infused organic and vegan frozen dessert? This is how the idea behind Iced-T was born. All that was left was to make it come to life – and develop an identity that best expressed what it stood for. 

Contemporary, uncompromising consumers of frozen sweets who want full pleasure combined with healthiness, nutritional values and a surprise factor in the mix.

The initiators of this venture wished for the core qualities of tea to be reflected on the identity of the new brand – natural, refreshing and of refined taste. But there were also the core qualities of the frozen desserts regime, typically expressed by ice creams: inviting, uplifting and full of pleasure. Bringing these two distinct worlds together was quite a challenge! 

We started by putting the brand name at the center of the logo. Thus, a big ‘T’ dominates the scenery, imposing, impactful and with a subtle vintage vibe – an allusion to the heavy tea heritage that has shaped the brand. Leaf-like features surround the central shape that encircles the brand name, suggesting naturalness. On the top of that, as the result is reminiscent of a sun, they have an uplifting and joyful effect. Each variant is carefully colour coded in pastel tones more fit for the tea universe, without negating the ice cream references. Finally, the name of each variant appears in a signature-like script typeface that stresses further the personal involvement and love that go into these great products.