Everyday magic!

Design Proposal

A bookstore can be many things, but before anything it is a gateway to multiple universes of wisdom, knowledge, excitement and good times. Magic Bookstore is a bookstore that celebrates the allure and power of words strung together, as well as the magic that they can bring in our lives. And so the journey began.

Book lovers from every walk of life, with books playing an important role for them at an everyday level

The name of the bookstore reflected a certain philosophy that could not be ignored when conceptualizing its identity. The most important thing about the magic that books can create is the fact that it is easily accessible to anyone, everyday. Following this logic, it was decided that simplicity, directness and accessibility were elements that had to be incorporated in the identity design.

Our proposition was, first of all, a celebration of the book itself. Thus, two page-like shapes side by side constitute the central feature of the logo. Under them, we can see a pair of black dots that look a bit like hungry eyes – a reference to the eye-opening and exciting experiences that books can create. Over the composition we placed a yellow circle, which, on its own can function as a sun – a reference to the illumination that books can bring. As a whole though with all elements combined, the end-result looks somewhat like a growing plant, a flower that reaches for the sky – suggesting exhilaration and mental development. Vivid colors complement the identity composition, breathing life to a result that is simple and easy to get – yet powerful enough.