A rainbow of flavors that bring out the child in you

China is a vast market with brand activity going wild lately in practically every product category, including food products. Meet Sweet is a small-scale brand of hand-crafted, high-quality biscuits targeting the domestic market.It all started from the inspiration of a certain man. Chen Xiaoyu, the father of brand had a certain vision. He wanted to shine against the clutter of an endless number of run-of-the-mill biscuit options in his home market. How? By breathing life into a line of biscuits that are as close as possible to the homemade ones and their quality associations. The handmade qualities of the products themselves were definitely there. All that was needed was an identity to make sure that it came across.

Middle-upper mass market biscuit consumers in the Chinese market.

The idea behind the proposition was simple. Through the biscuits, the brand owner wanted to recreate the warm, positive feelings associated with childhood and home-baking. The familiar environment of one’s first home, the captivating smells that fill the rooms, the eagerness until your mother gives the ‘go-ahead’ to go for the biscuits – all these constitute a happy, welcoming universe that all would gladly revisit. This was the base of the creative inspiration.

The starting point was naturally the logo itself. The feelings that the brand had to evoke were clear from the start, and equally clear was the need to use a visual language that was simple and direct, yet emotional enough. On the basis of this, we conceived a combination of a minimalistic eye (the eye represents the process of ‘meeting’ or ‘being introduced to’) and a heart (that represents the sweetness dimension), drawn around concentric circles. Complementing the identity elements, we introduced two brand mascots – a Bunny and a Bear. Drawn in the same intentionally simplistic and child-like manner as the main logo, the mascots reflect in their own way the spirit of the brand, while providing a useful platform for various variant- level applications and other brand expressions.

The Brand’s Classic Range comprises a total of 7 flavors. The key ingredients of each variant are denoted by a series of purposefully innocent-looking, hand drawings. On the top of that, each variant is color-coded, creating a rainbow when stacked side by side – an extra nod to the simple, child-like cheerfulness that is so central to what the brand is all about.

Logo, brand identity, packaging, illustration



Client: Chen Xiaoyu
Concept, Design & Illustrations: Sophia Georgopoulou
Copy: Konstantinos Kontinos
3D renderings: Costis Papatheodorou
© 2018