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Meet Sweet is a small-scale brand of hand-crafted, high-quality biscuits from China that became originally known through their Classic Range, a design project that was previously brought to life by us. The brand after its initial success became increasingly adventurous. The idea was to enhance the offerings of the Meet Sweet brand, making sure that there is something for everyone to love and enjoy. A key market driver was identified for this expansion Initiative: health-consciousness. Thus the brand moved on to introducing a new, exciting line under the name of ‘Meet Sweet Fit Range’. The line comprised 5 new flavors, all with a certain health twist and related benefits.

Health-conscious biscuit consumers in the Chinese market who want to combine healthiness and pleasure.

The key values of the mother brand and the warm, positive feelings associated with childhood and home-baking are very much central to what this new line was all about. On the top of that, what was needed was an extra dimension related to health and fitness, but not just in any way.  Health and fitness connotations should be given in a playful, approachable manner with fun being very much present in the mix,

For this Range the mascots that were originally developed for the brand (the Bunny and the Bear) were pushed to play a leading, more hands-on role on the packaging. Adding to the health and fitness orientation of the Range, these characters are depicted in a series of activities that vary according to the variant. Finally, in line with the design tenets of the original Classic Range, the boxes of the Fit Range also use the “rainbow” as a main part of the visuals.

Logo, brand identity, packaging, illustration


Client: Chen Xiaoyu
Concept, Design & Illustrations: Sophia Georgopoulou
Copy: Konstantinos Kontinos
3D renderings: Costis Papatheodorou