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Paltsidis Hellenic Gastronomy S.A. is a Greek, family-owned business specialized in appetizers, spreads and dressings in Nothern Greece.
As the momentum of the brand grew alongside its export drive, a new need arose: a corporate identity that does justice to the quality and taste of the products – and can carry the brand forward in the years to come.
We were called to bridge past present and future while projecting a new, exciting, and unexpected face of Greekness away from stereotypes and easy fixes.

The new corporate identity and its manifestations are targeting a Greek as well as a global contemporary mass audience as the brand is everyday and accessible, warm and inviting.

Step one: Tradition meeting naturalness.  Working in a similar direction, the main logo consists of a brand mark enclosed in an organic shape with the brand name written in a curvy typeface that looks very much hand-made. Step two: the care, quality and taste of the hand-made and small batch production. A series of symbols – special constructs created to convey the brand vision and values. This 100% ownable visual arsenal is applicable beyond corporate material and presentations, as it finds its own life on actual product lines, further strengthening the presence of individual propositions. the color palette is inspired by the Greek land, sun and sky.