The shape of inspiration and creativity

Petrichor Ceramics is the name of a small-scale ceramics business based in Thessaloniki, Greece by Margarita Vlachogianni. Everything that comes out of their workshop is crafted with love, 100% hand-made and one-off. The brand name itself stands for the very characteristic smell that comes from the ground after rain soaks in it. This is a smell that is forever carved into our memories – unique, immediately recognizable, and irresistible in its own way. Now, a business with such a name and active in a field so much linked with inspiration and creativity deserves a brand identity to help it shine and expand.

People after unique objects of desire and with an eye for the artistic.

We wanted to capture the exceptional power of the name itself. But beyond that, we wanted an identity able to celebrate the separate elements that come together in order to breathe life into the amorphous clay. The elements that when they do their own dance can turn the clay into artifacts that win over your eyes and your heart, forever.

The created symbol has everything enveloped in the shape of a raindrop. Water is the core element that is needed for the soil to bring out petrichor, but it is also what clay needs to become malleable, alive. Water also is a source of growth – hence the flower shape incorporated. This is a flower that also looks like a cloud with an eye, with a reference to the inspiration involved in the process and the vision that leads to the finished artifact. Finally, the heart-shaped root suggests the love and passion coming from the artist, without which everything would be just manufactured, not created – and pointless.