Crossing into the future

Swistant is an innovative remotely-managed digital assistant for Seniors in need of supervision. It has been created on the basis of the renowned values of Swiss hospitality and service excellence. Swistant can be used with any tablet or be connected to an existing Senior-focused solution. It allows ease of use alongside core functions such as Image carousel (memory stimulus), calendar management with notifications (for medical appointments), medication tracking, personalized newsfeed and also video calling along with emergency calls. Each authorized family member can track the data and also add information and appointments accordingly. Swistant has been developed to make the life of family members and Seniors safer and more convenient through the application of technology. The service was in need of an identity in position to convey both its operational logic and its core values.

Senior people who need support and supervision, alongside their decision-making family members.

For the new identity we needed an approach that worked in many levels. To begin with, this is definitely a human-centered service that had to come across as approachable, friendly and easy to use. At the same time though, we also had to stress the element of trust, professionalism and excellence involved in line with the perceptions of anything Swiss – and the expectations from a service that is medical at its core.

The connection with Switzerland and the desired authority that comes along is directly established by the application of a red and white palette – a clear reference to the Swiss flag, recognizable by all at a glance. The ‘I’ in the brand name takes the shape of two curvy lines, creating a figure reminiscent of a human in motion – suggesting flexibility and freedom. The humanity of this characteristic shape is stressed even more by the circle with the cross at the top of the letter, playing the role of the ‘head’. The cross, apart from the obvious Swiss flag connection underlines the medical nature of the service.

Client: Blackdorf AG