Theano Bella is the founder and owner of Theano Bella Beauty SPA. Since 2000, she is catering to the needs of an exclusive and demanding clientele – a clientele that includes an impressive number of local celebrities. Theano was always eager to push the bar higher. Each facial or body treatment is based on a customized diagnosis of individual customers. This philosophy has led to the development of her own exclusive processes and products available only at her Spa. Her exclusive line of cosmetics are designed to have restorative, rejuvenating and regenerative effects on the skin, and are based on high-quality, cherry-picked ingredients.

After several years in the market, it was justifiably believed that the brand needed a fresh visual language. The project was approached with respect towards what the brand stood for so far – making sure that there is a certain level of visual continuity and the brand would be easily recognized, without though compromising the freshness factor that was certainly needed in the mix.
The new logo subtly incorporates the initial letter (B) of the founder without being overly explanatory or loud. It is directly recognizable as something belonging to the world of cosmetics, beauty and care, without being overly obvious or common. The new identity and packaging brings out the high quality and the exclusivity factor of the brand, and provides a solid base for an ambitious future.

Logo, brand identity, packaging

Concept & Design: Sophia Georgopoulou
Printing: Typecenter
Bottle Printing: Kouvelas S.A.
Photography: George Pavlakos