A sparking way to say "I love you"
Vakakis Winery introduced the first sparkling wine produced in the island of Samos – an island with a winemaking tradition that goes back millennia, but with no other proposition like this so far. This white sec sparkling wine is positioned as the quintessential summer proposition, with a fine aroma and ideal acidity. 

Contemporary sparkling wine appreciators and tourists from every corner of the earth who wish to take a piece of the island of Samos back home.

The alluring finesse and playfulness of this wine were exactly the elements that had to be highlighted in its visual identity. But apart from the character of the wine itself, it was also its name that set the tone for the desired design direction: Ti Amo (‘I love you’ in Italian) suggests a playful and elevating feeling, pretty much like a summer romance that shakes you in the most welcome of ways. 

An S-like shape at the beginning and the end of the word ‘amo’, we created a letter-play that can be read as ’Samos’, the place of origin. Furthermore, these golden shapes, reminiscent of serpentines, are complemented by bubble-like circles. As a synthesis, they signify clearly the sparkling nature of the wine but also suggest am uplifting, party-like mood, close to the heart of what this wine is all about.    

Label Printing: Perigramma S.A.
Text editor: Konstantinos Kontinos