Everything is a matter of perception

The main idea behind this wedding invitation is the different perception that this couple had for marriage…and changed their mind! 🙂 Maria and Elias before they met and fell in love, they were both against marriage… But they changed their mind after they met! So, with their wedding invitation, they wanted to express that if you find that unique person in your life and see things differently, then nothing can stop or scare you. Marriage is a love celebration!
When every “me” finds the other “me” of his/her life, they become “we”, a couple and life-long companions.

M(aria) + E(lias) = WE(dding)

To enhance the concept, the text // When “ME” becomes “WE”// and venue information can be read when you flip the invitation over, in vertical orientation.
…everything is a matter of perception.

wedding invitation design

Photography: George Pavlakos