Unconventional branding that makes sense

Olive Oil is primal and it is the quintessential Greek product. It has been part of the Greek life and psyche for millennia. As the popularity of olive oil increases steadily at a global level, so are export opportunities among local producers. But the export market is an altogether different animal. A good product is only the beginning, and a lot of work has to be done at the branding level. Branding recipes that, for any reason, work in the Greek market are not guaranteed to work abroad in markets full of competitors that have done their homework.

Despite the allure of safe and obvious approaches, differentiation is key. So, when we were approached ourselves by a new commercial entity for their new brand, we were delighted to know that we were given a totally free rein over all of the key branding elements, including the name itself. This way, we could approach the case with a 100% fresh angle.

Mainstream olive oil consumers in European and US export markets.


The name choice was naturally driven by the need for differentiation, but mostly the need to encapsulate what really good olive oil can do to the senses. We wanted to suggest a primal celebration of life, a joyful journey into raw pleasure. Thus, the name ‘All Senses on’ was developed – a clear departure from obvious Greek-sounding names that have been done to death by export brands.

It was only natural after this to go back to basics for inspiration. We wanted to develop a visual code that is primal and timeless – not obviously linked to a certain era and certainly not suggesting folklore-like conventional ‘Greekness’


When it came to logo design, we created a powerful symbol, by combining an eye and the beak of a bird bearing an olive branch. These are basic, raw visual codes that transcend time and are easily recognizable across cultures worldwide. The open, alert eye is the representative of the senses in the brand name but also suggests the great scrutiny and care that is driven into the choice of the products – and hence their absolute quality. All Senses On marks a clear departure from conventional branding of Greek Olive Oil without relinquishing any from the core values of the category.


Brand name, logo, visual identity, packaging

Client: All Senses On

Naming and Text: Konstantinos Kontinos

Design: Sophia Georgopoulou