That summer feeling, all year long!

The intensity of competition within the category of juices is, quite frankly, insane and a good product on its own is not enough to guarantee success.Here come Melon Bros, a small yet ambitious company based in Thessaloniki, Greece focusing exclusively on quality watermelon juice. They wanted a fresh, bold and distinctive proposition, including naming and visual identity for a brand destined for export. This is how we ended up with an absolutely amazing product in our hands, and this is how we helped it claim what it rightfully deserved.

Younger generation of international consumers, health-conscious but unwilling to forego pleasure. Knowledgeable and demanding, they are ready to pay a premium for a juice that ticks the right boxes.

What else is the watermelon if not the epitome of summer? Child-like innocence, happy thoughts, smiles, and a feeling of carelessness that we would like to enjoy throughout the year. But what if we could do exactly that? If we had summer trapped in a bottle, we could have immediate access to precious summer feelings, whenever we feel like. Instant Summer! The creative tone we wanted? Vibrant and full of life, yet simple and unpretentious – like a lovely summer day.

The juice comes from the heart of the watermelon,and it stands for the heart of the summer. This is why a heart-like shape with the distinctive marks of the watermelon – the green skin, the bright, red core and the black seeds-  dominate the identity. The shape is complemented by a one big, juicy drop, The backside is covered by text in playful green letters, explaining in a very frank, down-to-earth way the philosophy of the juice and its pledge to stick to absolute naturalness. All these, set against the natural red canvas of the juice itself create an end-result that is as inviting as it is convincing. Enjoy your summer all year round!

Company logo, Brand name, Brand logo, Brand Strategy, Packaging, Art Direction


Client: Melon Bros
Brand name and Copy: Konstantinos Kontinos
Label Printing: Perigramma S.A.
Photography: Theodosis Georgiadis