Just great Greek Olive Products!

Naming, Logo & Identity for a new olive  brand

Outside the core traditional markets, the magic of olive-based products was discovered only relatively recently. And supply followed suit, as countless of producers, especially from the Mediterranean basin, saw opportunity in this new evolving scenery. Greece of course was not an exception. As more and more export-minded Greek producers jumped into the game, it got increasingly difficult to offer something truly differentiated. So, when we were approached by a new producer with a carte blancheto practically create a brand from scratch we were both excited and challenged. Only one thing was set straight from the beginning:  From the very start, it was quite clear that naming and brand identity for this brand could and should not follow the beaten path.

Greek and foreign consumers who value quality, yet are tired by the brands who work the obvious, predictable way.

The obvious way to deal with such a brand and its identity needs would be to look into tradition and history for inspiration – running the danger though of creating something heavy and pompous. But this is not what we wished for. We wanted to create a friendly, approachable, everyday yet different brand. We wanted to talk about the pleasure and rich emotions that come to life when we come in contact with some really great Olive products. At the end of the day, all these can be encapsulated into a spontaneous exclamation that comes effortlessly to one’s lips – Just Great! This is more than a brand name – it is the philosophy of the new brand and the desired take-out from its identity elements.

Simple and to the point, the name itself leads the design direction towards no-frills, stripped-down simplicity and approachability. A brand that does not talk down to consumers,Just Great! is about the core of the Olive experience – and nothing more.The basic color palette is inspired by the actual olives, the olive fields and the Greek landscape, bringing connotations of the Greek countryside. The fonts were “treated” in such a way so as to enhance the feeling of small batch and hand-picked since the “Just Great!” entire business is a family one, with a long tradition in olive production.

Logo, brand identity, packaging



Concept, Brand Name & Design: Sophia Georgopoulou
Conceptual story, tagline & copy: Konstantinos Kontinos
Photography: George Pavlakos