A new philosophy takes shape

Los Barberos is an established barbershop in Athens. Over the years they have won over a loyal clientele, highly appreciative of what the place stands for. But things are moving. The people behind the shop felt that it was time to expand its offerings and rejuvenate the brand accordingly. They wanted to (gradually) move away from the imagery of the classic, traditional establishment to a more contemporary, all-inclusive proposition reflecting the spirit of the times. In practical terms, this meant expanding into health & wellness products and services.  Los Barberos people wanted a new identity that would best serve their evolved philosophy and brand.

Retain the loyal male clientele, coming so far for more conventional services AND onboarding men & women driven by broader, contemporary needs.

Continuity with the past was set as a must from the beginning, as the brand did not want to shock and alienate its core clientele who brought them here. What was required was a more evolutionary approach – retaining some elements and take-aways from the previous identity while making sure that the new, evolved brand was open and inclusive enough to serve the new requirements.

A unique and powerful symbol was achieved by the integration of the two initials  – the ‘L’ and the ‘B’ into an elegant unity – The inclusion of a circle around this letter combo also gives rise to seal-like effect, pushing the premiumness and authority of the brand even further. At the same time, the curvy, flowing lines of the ‘B’ are reminiscent of an elegant haircut or a moustache – a gentle nod to the history of the brand. Finally, the intricate, script typeface of the previous identity gave way to a ‘cleaner’ one that combines character with timelessness. The bronze key palette complements the classic-yet-timeless feeling introduced.