Dairy-free, pleasure-full!

The food universe witnesses a massive shift towards sustainability & ethics, but the ice-cream category has not been particularly affected. One of the main reasons: it’s REALLY hard to crack the combo of planet-friendliness and pleasure – the core driver behind ice cream.  Pla(n)et Foods though have managed to do exactly that: 100% plant-based ice cream, a carbon-negative footprint AND natural flavors to die for. Just wow! The tagline says it all: Dairy-free, pleasure-full. The eco-packaging derived exclusively from sugarcane, perfectly complements their proposition.

Contemporary ice cream lovers motivated to behave in a sustainable fashion, but with no desire whatsoever to make concessions on taste and the whole experience expected from great ice cream.

Combine the elements of naturalness, purity, innocence and care for the planet with the direct suggestion of raw pleasure – and classic, yummy ice cream codes. Yes, the brand and the stuff in the pack is definitely something new and revolutionary, but it’s still an ice cream with the need to make people crave it!

We start with the brand name with the chunky typeface that dominates the pack, creating an overwhelming desire to try the stuff NOW! This is supported by the broad, primal brushstrokes of raw power. Add to these the (e) that turns ‘plant’ into ‘planet’ through the use of the parentheses – looking like protecting hands holding a seed, suggesting care for the Earth. On the top of these, we have the mark created by the coming together of a planet and open hands. The end-result looks like a tree but is also reminiscent of the peace sign – denoting care/ethics and purity/naturalness at the same time.  The brand is now ready to do a little good to our planet, one splendid spoonful at a time. 

Give Plan(e)t a chance!

Brand Tagline & Copy: Konstantinos Kontinos
Photographer: Danae Isari
Food Stylist: Artemis Tsipi
Fonts: George Bourle, Nadia Louka